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Increase Sales by Bringing The Most
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% 70 of the revenue comes from “long tail customers” who has real purchasing intention.

Language processing and AI capabilities are necessary for a smart search engine which takes years of research and development, otherwise most of those customers can not be served properly.

Long tail customers are the most valuable ones, as “conversion rates” are ~X6 of average.

No need to spend valuable resources on R&D as long as there are ready to implement solutions.

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How wawlabs Solves
Relevancy Problem
Labor Free

Manual and rule based fine tuning of the results of search queries is an impossible task, as there are tens of thousands of search queries occurring in an ordinary website each month. Synonyms, typos and hidden meanings in the queries are processed and discovered by wawlabs AI algorithms automatically, which brings a great advantage for avoiding the execution labor costs.

AI Services

Wawlabs has many state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms that enable understanding the real intent of the customers. wawlabs AI infrastructure understands the elements of the queries such as price, size, color, etc, and brings the results accordingly, while no labor cost is needed. Moreover, wawlabs AI algorithms need less than 15ms to generate search results for an uncached query.

Intent Based Results

Wawlabs search results are generated based on the intent of the queries as wawlabs algorithms do not care only the letters or words used in query strings, which also brings a great typo and synonym tolerance. Search intents are just latent mathematical objects that are discovered and processed by wawlabs state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

Strategy Panel

Business strategies and special scenarios can be implemented in the behavior of the wawlabs search engine via a very easy-to-use strategy panel while Wawlabs handles the biggest portion of the workload. Another outstanding feature of the wawlabs is, relevance of the search results are not affected while implementing the manually defined rules.

Our Partners

AI Services

Waw has many state-of-art “Natural Language Processing” ai services which enables bringing most relevant search results to customers. Waw has spent years to develop these compelling services to provide a “Smart Search Engine”.

Spell Check

Auto correction of search queries

Did You Mean

Provides alternative search queries

Auto Complete

Completes the queries for a better search experience

Tag Generator

Auto-generates tags to describe products better

Product Ranking

Changes order of products listed for high conversion rates

Query Expansion

Expands queries to catch the context of search queries

Entity Recogition

Makes queries understandable for better results

Situational Awareness

Built in analytics in waw brings you many metrics
to enable best situational awareness.